Student Rentals

Levi Brown has developed two e-books that complete the outline of his incredibly successful business model.

In 'HOW TO BUY STUDENT RENTALS' he will guide you through the buying process and show you how you can make a $100,000 in a day! There are many traps out there in the home buying process and with this e-book, Ford Brown guides you through the pitfalls and shares his invaluable experience so that your first purchase can be a grand slam investment.

In 'HOW TO MANAGE STUDENT RENTALS' he will show you the management system he has carefully developed over 15 years. The incredible methods outlined in this e-book will not only maximize your net profits each month but also help you to avoid the stress and frustration that can come with being an inefficient landlord. With the ideas outlined here, you may not need to hire an outside property manager and that will save you an extra 10% in gross revenues!

'HOW TO BUY STUDENT RENTALS' & 'HOW TO MANAGE STUDENT RENTALS' are in their final edit and will be available soon.

The original price structure for these 2 money making reports is $19 each or $29 for the pair.

But now, if you e-mail us and get on the pre-order list, you can have both books for $19 total!

Please email your questions and pre-orders to Levi Brown at:

And let him know what you think of this new site and that you are ready for more info. Thanks!

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