Student Rentals

Levi Brown, author of "Why Buy Student Rentals?"
Levi grew up in Texas and never had a problem knowing what he wanted to be one day. At the age of 7 he decided to be a veterinarian and at the age of 23 he graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University.

In 1996, after 10 years of professional practice, he had only $40,000 in life savings and a small crisis about his life goals and the reality of a hard job. That was when he got on the rocket ride of real estate wealth. He took all his money and put it down on a student rental triplex near the University of Colorado in Boulder. For the next three years he lived in one unit while fixing it up and then moved onto the next one. By 1998, the value of his house had doubled and he bought 2 more student rentals. In 1999 they all went up in value another 25%, so he re-financed and bought 2 more. By 2000 he had 2 full time jobs, veterinarian and landlord. He had to carefully consider which one to give up. The decision was easy, the real estate was making 20 times more per year than his veterinary practice. Each year after that, from 2001-2010, he bought another student rental and fixed it up. Each property gave him a chance to design and implement a more efficient and cost effective system for renovation. Through years of trial and error and hard thought, he also developed a management model that reduced problems and achieved optimal results like 100% occupancy. He had finally found an outlet for his desire to be the best in the world at something.

Today, Levi has over 90 student tenants and is content with the size of his real estate portfolio. He is now ready to share his incredible knowledge with others in hope that they can find the financial freedom he has.

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